Helpful Tips That Help Babies Transition From Milk to Solid Foods…

While Milk is important for the first few months of life, once babies start eating solids, formula or breast milk or cow’s milk becomes less important nutritionally. Milk is nature’s plan for both infants and animals nutrition until they are … Continue reading

Be Careful Not to Start Your Baby on Solid Food Too Soon!

40% of mothers start their infants on solid food earlier than medical experts recommend.  This especially happens to babies who are formula-fed.  Experts recommend a minimum age of 4 months old says a new study in the April 2013 issue of … Continue reading

Bacteria, C-Section, and Breast Feeding: How It Affects Your Baby’s Health

Researchers are figuring out why C-Sections and Breast Feed have lifelong effects on a baby’s health.  It’s because of the bacteria they are exposed to through mothers milk and vaginal delivery.  These bacteria live in the gut of the baby … Continue reading