New Patient Information

New Patient Information

Our healthcare providers are dedicated to giving you the best possible care and treatment for your children, regardless of source of payment. Please contact us (859-9525-8181) if you have insurance questions.

First Visit Forms

There are a few forms that you need to fill on your first visit. To save time, you can complete the forms in advance.
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Transferring Records

Our practice functions most effectively as a Medical Home if patients provide complete medical history and information about care obtained outside Pediatrics of Florence. We will need your child’s complete medical records transferred to our office before scheduling your first appointment. Please fill out the medical release form found in your new patient packet and return it to us. If you are planning to join Pediatrics of Florence, please contact your previous practice and sign a “transfer of records” form. Include the name, complete mailing address, phone number and fax number of your previous physician(s).  


Complimentary Prenatal
We would love to have the privilege of providing pediatric care to your newborn and family. All of the pediatricians in our practice are accepting newborn/new patients. If you would like to meet one of our pediatricians, please call us (859-525-8181) to schedule a complimentary prenatal/new patient consultation.

After Delivery
If you have identified Pediatrics of Florence as your primary care provider, and you deliver at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, the hospital will contact us automatically to let us know that your child has been born and one of our pediatricians will come to meet you and your baby, usually within 24 hours after delivery. If your child is born at any other hospital, a we will see your baby for their first exam. Please call before leaving the hospital to schedule your newborn’s first visit with us.

After Leaving the Hospital
We like to see most newborns within 7 days of leaving the hospital. If you are breastfeeding, the first visit should be scheduled on a day that we have our lactation consultant in the office. In addition, please call your insurance company within 7 days of your child’s birth to make sure your child is added to your family plan.

Contact Us (859-525-8181) if you have any questions!

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