You Know That Book You Read to Your Child Over and Over Again? Turns Out It Helps Them To Learn and Read Better!

Everyday parents are asked to read the same book over and over again by their children. Don’t fret though because it’s the best way to help your children learn new words says a new study by Dr. Jessica Horst from … Continue reading

If You Think Flu Immunization Doesn’t Work – Think Again!

As we gear up in our office to provide immunizations for children who want to avoid the flu, I am reposting a link which I put on our website earlier this year that reported on flu deaths in children. Although … Continue reading

So What If It’s Hot

It’s going to get to 100 degrees today. That can get uncomfortable – and so what?! Get those kids outside! When I talk about exercise to patients in the office I sometimes hear that they can’t get outside as much … Continue reading