You Know That Book You Read to Your Child Over and Over Again? Turns Out It Helps Them To Learn and Read Better!

reading to kidsEveryday parents are asked to read the same book over and over again by their children. Don’t fret though because it’s the best way to help your children learn new words says a new study by Dr. Jessica Horst from the University of Sussex.  Reading to your children WILL improve their reading age.

The University of Sussex Study

Researchers visited a group of three-year-old children several times during the course of a week. Half of them heard the same story back-to-back while the rest were read three different books. Both groups were exposed to six new words. When they were tested a week later, the ones who heard the same story over and over again remembered an average of 3.6 new words. But those exposed to a variety of stories typically remembered only 2.6.

How You Can Help Your Child

Introduce less book but read the ones you have repeatedly to your children for a certain period of time.  Then move on to the next.  Try not to mix up the stories.  Stick with one for while. Research is suggesting that 1/2 hour of reading each night can improve a young child’s reading age by nearly two years in less than five months.  Only 2 of 3 parents say they read to their children before putting them to bed.  Don’t be like 1 of 3 of these parents :-).

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