So What If It’s Hot

It’s going to get to 100 degrees today. That can get uncomfortable – and so what?! Get those kids outside!

When I talk about exercise to patients in the office I sometimes hear that they can’t get outside as much during the summer because of the heat. I just don’t buy this. Sure, you have to use sunscreen, you have to ensure adequate hydration, you may have to go outside in shorter intervals to cope with the heat, but you should make a point to just do it.

Kids were not made to sit on couches and watch screens. They were made to play outside and can have fun doing it in even the worst conditions. Sometimes getting them up off the couch is the hardest part. I know sometimes I have to “force” my own kids to turn off the TV and get outside. When my kids are inside all day they fight, they get bored, and in general they can just be in a nasty mood to be around. When they get outside they are in a better mood the rest of the day. They also eat better and get to sleep better that night.

I don’t love getting exercise in this kind of heat, but am always glad when I get it done and love having spent time outdoors with my children as well. So don’t ignore the thermometer – take those precautions, pack extra drinks, take breaks in the shade, get out a little earlier or a little later, whatever you need to do – but go have fun outside in spite of the heat.

Just do it.