How to Get Your Teens and Tweens to Dress for Cold Weather…

As the temperature drops and winter approaches, parents face the challenge of getting their teens and tweens to dress appropriately for the colder weather. It can be a constant struggle to convince them to wear warm clothes and avoid the … Continue reading

Frequent Check-ins with Your Kids Can Prevent the Harmful Consequences of Bullying…

Internet bullying, also known a cyberbullying, can cause kids to have substance use and mental health problems. In a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association it is found that frequent communication with parents and family dinners can help to … Continue reading

You Know That Book You Read to Your Child Over and Over Again? Turns Out It Helps Them To Learn and Read Better!

Everyday parents are asked to read the same book over and over again by their children. Don’t fret though because it’s the best way to help your children learn new words says a new study by Dr. Jessica Horst from … Continue reading

Talking Directly To Your Babies/Toddlers and Using More Complex Words Will Help Develop Better Vocabularies and Communication Skills

New research presented in February 2014 to the American Association for the Advancement of Science shows that talking intelligently helps babies and toddlers vocabulary skills.  This will help the babies and toddlers lean through context to connect words with their meanings. Longer … Continue reading

Spring Into Clean: Teaching Children Responsibility and Accomplishment

Most times, getting children involved in any time of household chore is just that: a chore. But if you make it fun and rewarding for them, you may find that they are more willing to help than you ever thought … Continue reading