Poll Results Are In: Do Parents Want Children in Daycare to Be Vaccinated?

Researchers at the University of Michigan conducted a nationwide survey of 614 parents with children ages 5 and under. They asked the parents what they would do if one in four kids at their child’s day care was under-vaccinated. Three-quarters said they’d pull their kids out if others weren’t up to date on shots. It turns out this proportion of under-vaccinated children is not so far-fetched. Nationally, more than 30% of 2-year-olds are not up-to-date, according to the Centers of Disease control and Prevention. 

About the Study

The C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health measures the public’s opinions, perceptions, and priorities regarding today’s most important child health issues and trends. Findings from the National Poll on Children’s Health reflect the attitudes and perspectives of people from across the country – from all types of communities and groups. These findings inform new policy initiatives and research on important concerns facing kids today.


  • Seventy-four (74) percent of parents said they would think about removing their children from the day care center.
  • Fifty Two (52) percent “strongly agreed” and 22 percent “agreed” that day care providers should review children’s immunization status every year to ensure they have received all the recommended vaccinations.
  • Forty One (41) percent of parents said under-vaccinated children should not be allowed to attend day care, 28 percent supported a grace period to get those children vaccinated, and 21 percent would insist that parents of those children get a waiver from the child’s doctor.
  • Only 10 percent of parents believed a child should be allowed to attend day care if he or she was not up-to-date on vaccines
  • Two-thirds of parents said they should be told the number of children in their day care center who are not up-to-date on vaccines, but only 25 percent said they should be given those children’s names.

Results of this poll indicate that most parents want strong policies for children in daycare to be up-to-date on vaccines. They have real concerns about whether vaccination standards are upheld in the daycare setting.

Immunization Laws and Regulations are for the Greater Good

Immunization laws and regulations protect everyone; high immunization coverage levels greatly reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks. Kentucky has regulations requiring immunizations for children in childcare and school.


Parents should feel empowered to ask about day care vaccination policies, such as how the daycare handles the situation of children who are not up-to-date, and whether the facility checks children’s vaccination status every year. 

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