Dr. Rob is Running a 100 Mile Race this Saturday in the Florida Keys to Support the Northern Kentucky Child Advocacy Center…

All funds raised go directly to the center to hire and train staff specializing in working with children that have been victims of child sexual and physical abuse.  Dr. Rob has already paid for all race fees and travel expenses … Continue reading

Parenting Tips – Does My Child Need Stitches?

Most children have had at least one accident, if not more. Whether it’s a scrape, cut, or just a bruise, how do I know if it requires stitches? Here Are Some Ways to Tell If Your Child Needs Stitches If … Continue reading

Vacationing With Kids Isn’t Stressful If You Plan Before You Go…

Your vacation is meant to be a relaxing time for you and your family, but sometimes the packing and act of traveling can be more stressful than you and the kids ever imagined. But if you prepare yourself and your … Continue reading

Dr. Janson Is Retiring on July 1st…

We wanted to let you know that Dr. Janson is going to retire on July 1, 2022. We’ve enjoyed working with Dr. Janson and wish him the best in retirement. All of Dr. Janson’s patient records will be maintained at … Continue reading

Does My Child Need A Tetanus Shot?

Because established tetanus is often fatal, even with expert treatment, prevention is of paramount importance. The two major means of preventing tetanus are immunization and wound care. All children need to get a tetanus shot. If bacteria come in contact … Continue reading

Spring Into Clean: Teaching Children Responsibility and Accomplishment

Most times, getting children involved in any time of household chore is just that: a chore. But if you make it fun and rewarding for them, you may find that they are more willing to help than you ever thought … Continue reading

Covid Vaccine Is Available At Pediatrics of Florence For Patients 5-11 Years Old. …

The Covid Vaccine is approved for patients 5-11 years old. We currently have vaccines available our 5-11 year old patients. How Do I Get The Vaccine at Pediatrics of Florence? Call the office at 859-525-8181 to schedule! 😊  Contact Us (859-525-8181) … Continue reading

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) Symptoms, Treatments, and How to Prevent It…

Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a disease that affects the lungs. Pertussis bacteria are spread from person to person through droplets produced during coughing or sneezing. A person with pertussis develops a severe cough that usually lasts four to six … Continue reading

10 Safety Tips For The Winter Months…

Whether winter brings severe storms, light dustings or just cold temperatures, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has some valuable tips on how to keep your children safe and warm. What to Wear Dress infants and children warmly for outdoor … Continue reading

Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time for family get togethers, traditions, and treats. A lot of strange things will be introduced to your young ones for the first time. Unfortunately, children and new things sometimes add up to hospital visits. The following … Continue reading