Thumb-Sucking Guide – Why Kids Do It and How and When to Get Them To Stop…

Newborn babies are born with several important reflexes that help them through their first weeks and months of life. These reflexes are involuntary movements that happen either spontaneously or as responses to different actions. The sucking reflex, for example, happens … Continue reading

When Is it Appropriate To Leave My Child Home Alone?

Every parent will eventually face the inevitable question: When is it appropriate to leave my child home alone? And every parent will come to a different conclusion. This question can’t be answered by a definitive age; you must consider many … Continue reading

Pediatrics of Florence Will Not Provide Mask Exemption Letters Without a Medical Diagnosis That Contraindicates Mask Wearing. View Why…

We have received a high volume of calls at the office regarding the school masking mandates and requests for mask exemption notes. At Pediatrics of Florence, we are not a fan of masks or the mandates either, but as healthcare … Continue reading

The CDC Is Still Recommending Masks for Health Care Settings, So We Continue To Require Masks In Our Office…

We will continue to follow the CDC Masking recommendation for health care settings. Recent guidance from the CDC for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 does not apply to health care settings, meaning that staff, patients, and visitors should continue to … Continue reading

How to Detect Head Lice, Treat It, and Then Clean Your Home Afterwards…

If you have ever gotten a call from school that a child in your child’s class has head lice we all know the anxiety that news causes. Do not worry lice happen in 6 million to 12 million school kids … Continue reading

What Should You Feed Your Child When They Have Diarrhea?

The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) was once a staple that most pediatricians recommended for children with an upset stomach. The idea was that it gave the gut a chance to rest and reduced the amount of stool produced. … Continue reading

Why Stretching Is Super Important For Young Athletes. Learn How…

Stretching properly can increase and improve motion in your joints, increase blood flow, and decrease feelings of stiffness. Other potential benefits of stretching can include reducing delayed onset muscle soreness, increasing athletic performance, and reducing the risk of tendon or … Continue reading

Did You Know that Pediatrics of Florence Can Complete Your Child’s Physical and It’s Usually Covered 100% By Insurance?

Did You Also Know… Your child will get all recommended screenings and immunizations on the spot? We can fill out any additional paper work needed for no extra charge for a year? We can deal with any problems that may … Continue reading

Tips to Prevent Children’s Summer Sports Injuries

It’s summer and that means organized sports for a lot of kids. Below are some tips on how to stay happy and healthy in a child’s sport of choice so they can stay in the game for a lifetime!  Also, … Continue reading

Why To See Your Primary Care Physician Instead of a Clinic For Your Sports Physical…

The Importance of Wellness checkups Your child’s health and development are very important to us and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that they have a wellness check up every year. These days everyone’s schedules are so busy it may … Continue reading