Asthma Tips – 8 Frequently Asked Questions About Asthma…

Is Asthma Hereditary?

How big a role genes play in asthma is unclear but it does seem to be a definite genetic component to asthma. Asthma does not have a specific gene however it is more likely that if you have asthma your child will inherit the tendency to develop asthma.

Why Does Asthma Seem to Have Flare-ups?

Asthma is inflammatory in nature and there are certain things that trigger it and can cause flare- ups.

Will My Child Need Regular Daily Drugs and Why?

Parents usually don’t like the idea of  their child being on daily medication. They worry about the medication losing its effectiveness and not working. Most wonder why their child can’t just take the medication when they are having symptoms, but regular use of preventative medication is the best way to calm and prevent asthma flare-ups. Preventative asthma medications are only helpful when used before symptoms begin. Proper medication will decrease the number of hospitalizations and fatalities .

Can Asthma Be Outgrown?

Asthma symptoms that start in childhood can disappear later in life. Sometimes, however, a child’s asthma goes away temporarily, only to return a few years later. But other children with asthma — particularly those with severe asthma — never outgrow it. The bottom line is that the factors which make a lung asthma-prone can still be present as an adult but the likelihood of flare-ups go down as the lung matures and grows physically larger.

Can Food Allergies Cause Asthma?

Foods rarely trigger an asthma attack, but the symptoms of a severe allergic reactions to some foods can mimic asthma symptoms. The presence of food allergies do not guarantee a child will have asthma but asthma is more common in children with food allergies.

Can the Use of Asthma Medication Prevent Remodeling Changes in the Lungs?

No single definition for airway remodeling exists and the asthma medication will probably not cause changes. It appears the remodeling change in the lungs cannot be stopped by diligent use of preventative medication such as corticosteroids. Most of it is genetically predetermined. The responsible use of asthma medications can decrease the number of bad wheezing episodes and can significantly improve the overall quality of life. Most children’s symptoms will improve as they get older.

What is Albuterol and Xopenex?

While the medications can vary, people with asthma often require a “rescue inhaler” (bronchodilator) to help when they have sudden difficulty breathing. There are several of them on the market, including Albuterol and Xopenex which are brand names for levalbuterol. Either medication works as a rescue medication and both are very safe.

Are There Support Groups?

Having a child with asthma may leave you feeling afraid and isolated. Ask the doctor about local support groups for parents and children with asthma. These groups help you meet other people coping with the same anxieties and daily hassles. Support groups give your child a chance to see other kids who have asthma and that can make a huge difference in how your child views themself and their condition.

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