100 Miles of Thank You!

Dr. Tagher RunningNo amount of running can compare with the generosity that I have witnessed as family, friends and patients support my run and give to the Northern Kentucky Child Advocacy Center.

A few small stories…

  • I am overwhelmed by the amount of giving and thoughtfulness.  Monetary donations aside, I am receiving support and words of wisdom from people I have never met.
  • I had one family in our practice personally donate $1000 to this cause.  Unbelievable.
  • Last week Bethany Hanser, our lactation consultant, planned to donate funds and brought $100 bill to our office, but when she arrived she could not find it.  A week went by and it wasn’t found.  Unaware of this loss, this past Tuesday, Shirley Pieper who takes care of our landscaping at the office brought in a $100 bill that she found out in the grass.  The fact that this bill was found after all the wind  we’ve had over the last week, and then that it was TURNED IN, is truly amazing.
  • I have seen some of my patients give $5-10 dollars when I know that they don’t have money to give.

After some of the horrific things that happen and that we see on TV, it is comforting to know that the human spirit is inherently good and that we mostly just want to help each other.

Tomorrow I will take all of this inherently good karma and shove it into my waist pack and take it on a 100 mile run around Indiana.  When I’m tired or in pain I will walk for awhile, drink some sports drink and think of all the people who supported my run.

Thank you.
Dr. Rob

P.S.  If you want to track me you can go to http://www.runrace.net/findarace.php?id=13110IN&tab=a5&lstpart=4029#lPrt and click on my bib number which is 158.

And if you haven’t given yet and want to, no donation is too small.  Go to www.giveforward.com/nkycac and give now.