Why To See Your Primary Care Physician Instead of a Clinic For Your Sports Physical…

well visitsThe Importance of Wellness checkups

Your child’s health and development are very important to us and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that they have a wellness check up every year. These days everyone’s schedules are so busy it may not be at the top of your to do list. If your child is well you may not realize it is still important to get an annual exam. This exam gives your child’s primary care provider the opportunity to evaluate their development, give them anticipatory guidance and look at things that you may not check at other visits (e.g. Cholesterol, vision screening or hearing screening).

Why You Should Use Your Primary Care Physician (Pediatrics of Florence) for Sports Physicals

  • They already know your child’s history
  • They have access to your child’s past medical records.
  • No copay in most cases (all most all companies are required to pay 100%)
  • Extended office hours every day
  • Forms can be filled out by staff for up to a year after the checkup/physical

It’s Never Too Soon to Schedule Your Checkup/Sports Physical

Calling early will help guarantee the time that best fits your schedule. These appointments can also be requested through our patient portal.

Wellness Exams are Good for One Year

Any forms that need to be filled out for school, camp, or sports can be done so any time within a year from the date of the physical. You can request this by phone or through the patient portal. This service is not available if you go to a pharmacy or school clinic.

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Pediatrics of About Pediatrics of Florence

We believe that children are more than just “little adults.” They have unique personalities, challenges, and life circumstances and we have made every effort to make our offices and care as “kid friendly” as possible. We have an aquatic theme in the waiting rooms (separated for sick and well children) as well as themed examination rooms. All of our physicians are Board Certified Pediatricians and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics and our nurse practitioners are all licensed Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and are available to see both well and sick children.
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