Reflections on the Boston Marathon. Thank-you for Your Support!

Dr. Rob's Medal (click to view larger)

Marathon Medal (click to view larger)

Four weeks ago, on April 21st, I finished running in the 118th Boston Marathon. It was an great experience and will likely be one of the most memorable in my lifetime. Maybe because of the excellent weather we had on that day, maybe because I ran a good race, or maybe because there are few opportunities for an amateur runner like me to run and be sincerely cheered on by over a million spectators. Whatever the reason, it was truly awesome.

I’ve run several marathons before and I used to wonder what the big deal was about this race. Now I know how big of a deal it is, but it is still difficult for me to describe. If you are not a runner, I would encourage you to start. If you have not run a marathon, I would encourage you try. If you have run a marathon, and have not run Boston, I would encourage you to consider making it one of your goals.