Pediatrics of Florence’s Founder, Dr. Paul L. Tagher, Said Goodbye On The Morning of July 16, 2019…

On July 16th Dr. Paul L. Tagher, who started Pediatrics of Florence said goodbye. Dr. Paul took care of thousands of Northern Kentucky babies and children over the last 50 plus years before retiring at age 80. He had been battling multiple myeloma the last few years and died peacefully in his home with his family present.

For those who were lucky enough to know him, I hope you will appreciate how much I will miss him. He has had the biggest influence on my life both as a father and as a physician. I never get tired of his former patients telling me about their experiences with him. Sometimes when I stand with a particular posture or say something a certain way, family, friends or patients would tell me I was turning into my Dad. This always gave me a smile because there was no greater compliment they could give.

The thing about him that was so special was how humble he was. He changed so many people’s lives with his skills, his tremendous work ethic, his humor, and his example. But he did all this without complaining or feeling more important than anyone else. It’s just part of who he was.

Thanks to all those parents and patients who were part of his medical practice. It has always been a special place because of who he was and how he treated people – both patients and office staff. He nurtured families deeply in a way that is still having effects. In our office, we don’t always succeed, but we do our best to do things the way he would have done them – in a reasonable and meaningful way.

We have and will continue to celebrate Dr. Paul, my father and mentor, in our office frequently. I know in that way his spirit truly lives on.

  – Doctor Rob Tagher