Parenting Tips – Some Night Time Potty Training Tips

Night time potty training is usually for children under the age of 5 because their bodies are typically growing at such a fast rate that it can be hard for their bladders to keep up. Every child learns how to keep dry at night at a different age. In general children achieve nighttime dryness by five or 6 years of age. Bed wetting can happen with though between the ages of 5  to 13 years old also.

How to Start Night Time Training

  1. Have your child go to the bathroom before going to bed. This will empty the bladder and improve chances of success.
  2. If you go to bed a couple of hours later than your child then wake your child to go to the bathroom before you go to bed. Don’t expect your child to be fully awake. Just guide them to the bathroom. Hopefully this will empty their bladder from the liquids they drank in the evening.
  3.  Limit fluids after dinner. It usually takes about two hours for what they drink to become urine. If they drink lots of fluids before bedtime they will have to urinate in the middle of the night. Make sure they drink lots of fluids during the day if you limit them after dinner.
  4. Pull-ups or training pants are an easy way to prevent having to change the sheets in the middle of the night. But the bad thing is your child will not notice the wetness. This will keep the sheets dry and clean. If your child is dry in the morning then switch them to regular underwear at night.
  5. Waterproof pads will simplify the middle of the night wet sheet changing. Buy the oversized one since children tend to move around during the night.
  6. Bed wetting alarms can help if your child is old enough (usually about 8 years old or older) If they are heavy sleepers, it can take longer to potty train at night. Also, if your child is taking medication, the medicine may make them sleep through the feeling of having to go to the bathroom.

Don’t Get Too Frustrated. It’s Pretty Common.

15% of children are still bed wetting after the age of 6 years. Can it be your fault??? Nighttime dryness can be genetic. So if either parent was a late bed wetter, then the child may also take longer to learn to stay dry at night. However if your child was dry every night and is now wetting the bed regularly they may have a unitary tract infection. If you suspect that is possible… call the doctor.

If your child is of an age that he goes to sleepovers or overnight camp and is still having a problem with bed wetting and that is keeping him from participating then call the doctor. Their are medications to temporally help them stay dry. Just remember the good news is everyone manages to stay dry at night eventually.

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