New Study – Mothers Who Smoke During Pregnancy Increase Their Baby’s Risk for Hospitalization and Death

pregnantAmerican Academy of Pediatrics in Washington State analyzed hospitalizations and deaths for 50,000 infants born in the state between 1987 and 2004.  Infants with mothers who smoked during their pregnancy were hospitalized 50 percent more and died from a wide number of infectious diseases, compared to infants from mothers who did not smoke.  

It’s been commonly understood that babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy were at high risk for low birth weight, premature delivery and poor lung development.  This study now shows us that infants who smoke with them in the womb also have increased risk for hospitalization and death from a much broader range of infections — both respiratory and non-respiratory. The study also shows the if pregnant mothers lowered their  smoking or quit, that their infants had a lower risk than if they continued to smoke as usual.

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