FluMist is a Bit Better in Younger Kids…

flu vaccineThe ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) recently recommended the live nasal mist flu immunization over the traditional flu shot for kids 2-8. Both types of vaccine do a good job at preventing a more severe case of influenza that may lead to complications or hospitalization, but the live vaccine seems to stimulate the immune system better in those who may have had less natural exposure to the influenza virus.

Not all kids are eligible to get the mist. Those under 2 years or with asthma shouldn’t get it, they should stick with the injection.

>> View Panel: Flu spray better than shots for young kids by the Associated Press from the Washington Post

Usually we get some of our FluMist in late August or September. And we usually have several days where you can get the mist in drive through fashion without getting the kids out of the car. Stay tuned for flu immunization updates from us this fall!