Feel Like Helping a Child In Need This Christmas? Maybe You Can Help Roman…

roman walker andersonA Ramp For Little Roman by Leigh Taylor for Cincinnati.com

Roman Anderson lives at home with mom Susie and dad Matt. He is very sick and requires a round-the-clock nurse to meet his medical needs. His mom has put her life on hold to devote herself to her son and to make sure he gets the best care and can lead a full life.

The house that the family rents is split-level, and it’s impossible for Roman to get upstairs with his wheelchair. Each time he goes into the house, Susie has to disconnect Roman from his ventilator on the wheelchair and carry him upstairs to a ventilator. I saw this, and it’s a very scary process.

Through NorthKey Community Care in Fort Thomas, the family is asking for $550 in portable wheelchair ramps so Roman can take his wheelchair into the house and so he can more easily access the world outside his home.

Getting a wheelchair ramp won’t solve all of Roman’s problems, but it will make life easier for the family.

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