Antibiotic Resistance Will Pose a Large Threat to Future Medicine If We Don’t All Work Together

bacteriaIf bacterial infections develop a resistance to antibiotics, then even patients having minor surgery could risk dying from infections that can no longer be treated. Some doctors and medical officials are saying that global action is needed to fight antibiotic resistance in the form of research and development of new medicines to treat emerging, mutating infections since only a few antibiotics have been developed in last 20+ years.

Superbugs Are On the Rise

MRSA is on of  the best know known “superbugs” that have resistance to antibiotics. MRSA is estimated to kill around 19,000 people every year in the United States and that number is higher than deaths caused by HIV and AIDS.  Similar figures hold true for Europe. Recently cases of a totally drug resistant tuberculosis have appeared a new wave of “super superbugs” with a mutation called NDM 1, which first emerged in India, is now being seen all over the world. Last year the Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) said they discovered untreatable strains of gonorrhoea.

What We Call Can Do To Help

  1. Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries need to preserve the existing arsenal of antibiotics and focus more on developing new antibiotics.
  2. Healthcare organizations need to to increase surveillance to keep track of drug-resistant superbugs.
  3. Doctors need to prescribe fewer antibiotics and make sure they are only prescribed when needed.
  4. Patients need to understand that it is in their best interest to only use antibiotics when absolutely needed to rid themselves of infection.
  5. Everyone needs to practice better hygiene to keep infections to a minimum.

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