14 Ways To Make A Doctors Appointment More Productive For Your Child and Their Doctor…

When you have a baby, the doctor’s office is practically a second home. Whether you head in just for the recommended exams or you’re a cautious parent who likes to have every bump and bruise checked out, here are some suggestions to make your child’s visits happy and productive for both of you.

Take Babies and Toddlers in the Morning

Most babies are usually best in the mornings. If that is not true for your child choose the best behavior time. Avoid nap-time to save yourself a meltdown.

Book Older Children After School

It is best for children not to miss school for an appointment.

Avoid Late Afternoon If Possible

If this is a discussion session with your doctor about behavior or discipline you and the doctor will be too drained at the end of the day.

Do Not Try to Bring Two Children At One Time

Please book back to back appointments if you have two sick children. Never try to squeeze two children in one appointment.

Prepare Your Child for the Visit

Let the child know what will be happening at the doctor’s visit. The doctor will look in your ears, listen to your heart and your back, and take your temperature.

Dress Your Child Accordingly

Let your child ware easy on, easy off clothing and velcro shoes instead of tie shoes.

Read a Picture Book To Calm Your Child

Lots of children’s books on doctor’s visits out there choose one to read to your child.

Leave Siblings at Home When Possible

Try to keep the focus on your child and your concerns by leaving siblings and other distractions at home.

Make Sure Your Child Has Eaten Before the Appointment

Hungry children are cranky children so make sure you feed your child before their visit to the doctor

Jot Down Questions

Make a list of questions to cover your concern and rank them in order of most important to least.

Bring Along a Stuffed Animal For Small Children

Sometime if the child is apprehensive the doctor can listen to the heart of the toy before the child’s and the child will feel more at ease.

Note What works and What Doesn’t

If your child is happier on your lap than on the examining table let them be examined on your lap. If a child is spooked by getting on the nurse’s scale at the beginning of the visit… do it on the completion of the visit of possible

Use Visual Aids

Take photos or videos if there is something that is not apparent today but you want to discuss it with the doctor. Don’t hesitate to bring the visual aid along.

Trust Your Instincts

If for some reason the doctor is not investigating something you feel needs to be investigated feel free to ask the doctor about it. If you aren’t happy then get a second opinion.

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